AE Exclusive Interview: Kristin Bauer van Straten talks "True Blood," Pam's best lines and losing Tara

The actress talks with us about playing the most bad ass lesbian character on a supernatural show for the last seven years.

Executive Producer Angela Robinson Talks Tara, Gay Relationships on "True Blood"

The EP on looking out for lesbian fans, deleted scenes and why Jessica won’t be romancing Adilyn.

How the last season of "True Blood" can bow out in style

And it isn’t just make Pam and Tara kiss. (But that would help.)

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For your consideration for Hottest Hookup in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards: Pam and Tara’s jailbreak makeout on True Blood. So much blood, so much swearing, so much swagger. (Breakout starts at 1:10) 

We wanted that to happen from the very beginning of the season, but we wanted to really, really, really take our time with it.

Alan Ball, you “really, really” took your damn time.
Ever notice Anna Camp ends up on the gayest shows?
She talked to us all about that ‘coincidence’. 
Oh hey this week we met Lilith! She was as naked as she was evil. And played by none other than Jessica Clark, out lesbian model/actress and former vlogger (Lesbian Love) for this very website.
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Gay at Comic-Con. True Blood cast (including Anna Paquin), GLEE and Jasika Nicole.

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