Martine Rothblatt rocks the cover of “New York Magazine”
This week’s New York magazine’s cover story focuses on the extraordinary life of multimillionaire, Martine Rothblatt and her wife, Bina. Rothblatt, who is currently the CEO of United Therapeutics, and founder of Sirius Radio, transitioned from male to female back in the mid-1990s. According to Lisa Miller of New York Magazine:
Martine prefers not to limit herself to available words: She’s suggested using “Pn.,” for “person,” in place of “Mr.” and “Ms.,” and “spice” to mean husband or wife. But “trans” is a prefix she likes a lot, for it contains her self-image as an explorer who crosses barriers into strange new lands. (When she feels a connection to a new acquaintance, she says that she “transcends.”) And these days Martine sees herself less as transgender and more as what is known as transhumanist, a particular kind of futurist who believes that technology can liberate humans from the limits of their biology—including infertility, cancer, and disease, but also, incredibly, death.
Martine and her wife Bina have been together for over three decades, and Bina doesn’t seem preoccupied with labels herself.
“Bina Aspen, the woman who married Martine 33 years ago, when Martine was a man, and remains her devoted wife, calls herself not straight or gay but “Martine-sexual”—as in the only person she wants to have sex with is Martine.”

Ariel Schrag on "Adam," queer identities and writing for "The L Word"

What happens when a cisgender teenage boy pretends to be trans to get a girl?

Watch now! GLAAD Media Awards speeches by Ellen Page, Laverne Cox, Jennifer Lopez, Lupita Nyong’o, and more!

Newly out actress Ellen Page presented Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award, at the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles this weekend. The Award is presented to an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) media professional who has made a significant difference in moving equality forward, and Cox’s mom made a surprise appearance on stage. Cox said, ”I’m so moved by the work that GLAAD has been doing, particularly over the past year, to make sure that the ‘T’ is not silent in the LGBT community. For years, I was trying to have a career as an actor doing what I love to do most and was told repeatedly that they didn’t know what to do with me, and that I would not work.”

Facebook's Brielle Harrison and Sara Sperling on the new custom gender options

On February 13, Facebook gave the U.S. LGBT community the best Valentine’s Day gift ever when they added 50 new custom gender options for those who live outside the usual female-male binary. I didn’t even know there were 50 options, but for the approximately 700,000 Americans who identify as trans, this historic change is a boon. In a social media world where we share where we are, who we’re with, how we feel, and what is that thing we’re eating, trans folks can finally share the most basic fact of all: Who we are.

Amy Ray talks goin’ country on “Goodnight Tender”

AE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Indigo Girl Amy Ray shares her thoughts on songwriting, transitioning, and gender. 

"For people who have a real gender dysphoria that just takes their whole life over, if they learn to find the beauty in themselves even though they feel trapped in the body they’re in, that’s an amazing accomplishment. And I think you learn a lot about yourself by doing that and I think you also learn that there is a spectrum and not a binary. But having said that, I think transitioning is a really important option. I don’t think everyone needs to go through the pain of trying to live in the body they don’t want to live in. Some people really can’t and they’re going to die and so they need to go through a change. Or some people are just going to be really unhappy. They might be able to find some sort of acceptance or peace of mind but they’re never going to have the bliss of feeling their body and their spirit match. Then there’s people like me, if transitioning had been part of the conversation in my early life, it would have been something I would have strongly considered and might have even done,but I didn’t know about it, so I just struggled through and there was a reason for that. And I’m satisfied now. Everybody’s different, so there’s no judgment, but I do think in that the struggle to find your peace, there’s always something to be gained."

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whatever to gender

Against Me! singer Tom Gabel has come out as transgender. Tegan Quin sang on the band’s song “Borne on FM Waves of the Heart” in 2009.