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Oh lawd. In a few days I will be face to face with lesbian celebs galore, and I need your advice for what to ask. So now I put it to you:

If you could ask Tegan & Sara any question next weekend, what would it be?

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Tegan Quin on headlining The Dinah and the thrilling success of “Heartthrob”

Exclusive Interview From AfterEllen

AfterEllen: You are going to be headlining this year’s Dinah, or as it’s sometimes called, Lesbian Spring Break! Which sounds like a lot more fun than Ft. Lauderdale. Is your first time performing there? Have you attended as guests before?
Tegan Quin: No, I’ve never made it to a Dinah Shore before, so this will be our first time playing and our first time attending.

AE: Well I think you guys are going to be in for a treat—well I know at least everyone else there is.
TQ: Yeah we are really excited. I mean, I have a million friends who have gone and it’s just been one of those things that I’ve wanted to do and never happened, so I feel really excited.

AE: So it’s pretty obvious you are going to tear the roof off the joint. You can’t really help but want to dance to Heartthrob. I’m guilty of doing that in the subway, actually myself. Will you be playing some of your older fan favorites as well?
TQ: Yeah, we absolutely do. I mean our live shows include songs from all of our records, so we definitely love playing all our stuff. It’s a good mix, I think.

AE: I remember very distinctly going to my local record shop in Kalamazoo Michigan in 2000 and stumbling across This Business of Art. It was unlike anything else I had heard. You music continues to be very unique and progressive. With each new album comes a new feeling, a new sound. Is that something that is very important to the both of you, or is it just the natural evolution of your sound as musicians?
TQ: I think it’s a bit of everything. I think it absolutely is part of just a natural evolution, of a new vision, of constantly striving to do something new and different. I think Sara and I are. If you talk about, this is what came out so many years ago, I think we have just grown and evolved as artists. As individuals we changed, the business changed, the way we make music as changed, the way we record music has changed. I think there’s just a lot more options than when we first started and we were limited in terms of experience and ability, but also in terms of finances and money. We couldn’t afford a big band. We couldn’t necessarily translate our record live the way we can now.

Oftentimes in the studio, we were reluctant to layer all the harmonies or background vocals, because how would we ever perform them live? Now we have the ability. Just even something as simple as being able to sample a vocal and play it. Like have Sara play “ohhhs” and background things on a keyboard, on stage, while she sings a harmony. Things have just evolved so much. It’s a crazy, weird science experiment that our music has become. I think it’s allowed us to really try everything. I think that’s what’s really cool about our progress because it really hasn’t cut into the writing. I think we write better than we ever did and I think we still care most about the songs and the stories. Telling those stories and writing great songs, that is ultimately the most important thing to us. And I don’t think we compromised any of that.

Interview Tegan Quin continued on AfterEllen…


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lucky apple

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