2013: The Year In Lesbian/Bi Sports

With no World Cup and no Olympic Games, this was supposed to be a quiet year in sports. Nope. There was nothing quiet about the year in lesbian and bisexual sports. We saw players come out, marry teammates, achieve lifelong dreams, and pledge to end bullying. A new women’s professional soccer league was born. ESPN paid tribute to the anniversary of Title IX with an incredible documentary series about women in sports. Over the course of the year, individuals and organizations worked to end discrimination and homophobia in sports. This fight has become more important as we edge closer to the Olympic Games in Sochi which will occur under the cloud of Russia’s anti-LGBT laws.

I think, obviously, we’re out there. I guess on the female side, not on the men’s side, it’s accepted within the teams, I think, within the sport. It seems sort of that last institution homophobia.

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I’ve been a coach for 14 years, I’m a proud mother of a beautiful baby girl, and I’m in a committed relationship for six years. I’m gay and I’m proud of who I am. - Jolie Ward, NYU women’s head volleyball coach

This league features women, not in skirts and pom-poms, but in helmets and pads, and could feature you at tight end or wide receiver (if that’s your thing) next season. - Lucy Hallowell

The Women’s Football Alliance keeps on growing