NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY: Kirsten Vangsness on how she came out as queer

The “Criminal Minds” star shares how she came into her not-so-straight sexuality.

Martine Rothblatt rocks the cover of “New York Magazine”
This week’s New York magazine’s cover story focuses on the extraordinary life of multimillionaire, Martine Rothblatt and her wife, Bina. Rothblatt, who is currently the CEO of United Therapeutics, and founder of Sirius Radio, transitioned from male to female back in the mid-1990s. According to Lisa Miller of New York Magazine:
Martine prefers not to limit herself to available words: She’s suggested using “Pn.,” for “person,” in place of “Mr.” and “Ms.,” and “spice” to mean husband or wife. But “trans” is a prefix she likes a lot, for it contains her self-image as an explorer who crosses barriers into strange new lands. (When she feels a connection to a new acquaintance, she says that she “transcends.”) And these days Martine sees herself less as transgender and more as what is known as transhumanist, a particular kind of futurist who believes that technology can liberate humans from the limits of their biology—including infertility, cancer, and disease, but also, incredibly, death.
Martine and her wife Bina have been together for over three decades, and Bina doesn’t seem preoccupied with labels herself.
“Bina Aspen, the woman who married Martine 33 years ago, when Martine was a man, and remains her devoted wife, calls herself not straight or gay but “Martine-sexual”—as in the only person she wants to have sex with is Martine.”

The Best and Worst of Cosmo’s Lesbian Sex Tips

Much ado has been made about Cosmo’s new listicle of 28 lesbian sex positions to try NOW. Skimming through the legendary lady mags foray into making pictures of illustrated girls doing gay looking sex actions above the perky yet explicit descriptions we’ve come to expect from Cosmo, I was neither offended nor titillated.

I feel no need to wax poetic on how Cosmo STILL DOESN’T UNDERSTAND ME or start scissoring madly while festooned in floral garlands because the big bad lady mag told me so. Frankly I’m amused and entertained by the sincere, if hetero-peppy, shot at reppin’ my kind.

In that spirit of good natured mockery, I clarified and decorated the 15 best and worst of Cosmo’s lesbian sex tips.

Watch Now! Soko gets sexy and Sapphic for CK One

Calvin Klein has been embracing different aesthetics for their CK One fragrance since the ’90s, when Jenny Shimizu went topless and androgynous for one of their early campaigns. Now French musician Soko is lending her face (and lips!) to the new ad, which is a tiny bit NSFW.

Watch now! Cameron Esposito answers queer questions from teens

"We’ve all been there. At least people that wear jean jackets like me."

Watch now! "I'm Asian American and ... I'm Gender Queer"

Tonight on Myx TV, “I’m Asian American and … tackles gender identity and sexuality with the episode I’m Asian American and … I’m Gender Queer. The series “follows the lives of individuals who defy the ‘model minority’ Asian American stereotypes,” which is surely something not tackled on television before now.

We’ve got some exclusive clips from tonight’s show. Meet Allison!

Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin: A love story told on Twitter

A damaged and brilliant rapper from the wrong side of the tracks meets and falls in love with the pretty blonde daughter of a famous actor. No, it’s not the plot of a CW pilot. It’s the plot of Angel Haze’s love life as told by social media. It all started that strange summer in the O.C., when Ireland Baldwin staggered out of a taupe Mcmansion, sucking on an e-cig and anxiously twisting her David Yurman skull statement ring. A dark, smirking, lanky figure loomed unexpectedly in the gated cul-de-sac.

“Who are you?” whispered in a husky voice she learned last month in improv class.

Angel Haze lifted her leather snapback, gazing at Ireland Baldwin with wide mahogany eyes.

“Whoever you want me to be.”


"We Are the Best": Genderqueer kids and their damn punk music

The new film from the director of “Show Me Love” hits theaters 30 May.

"All Cheerleaders Die" is super queer

The campy zombie film is more than meets the gouged eye.

MTV Launches "Look Different"

This week our friends over at Buzzfeed broke the story that our parent company MTV will be launching a major new campaign focused on the social issues affecting younger viewers: race, gender, and sexual identity.

The “Look Different” campaign will have both on-air and digital components and its goal is to accelerate the fight against racial, gender & LGBT inequality.”

The “Look Different” campaign ( hopes to break down implicit biases and combat “microaggressions”, which are “brief and often non-intentionally offensive verbal slights that have damaging effects on members of minority groups.”

For example, statements like “You’re different for a black guy” or “You throw really good for a girl” or “That’s so gay” could all be considered microagressions.

Friedman believes that millennials– particularly white millennials– have difficulty discussing issues of race and prejudice. “[They] feel like [they’re] going to step on a land mine if [they] say the wrong thing,” Friedman said. “The heart of that made us realize there’s an opportunity to look at these issues, dive in, and create a real forum — whether it’s through our spots on air or online — to have a conversation that excavates this very complicated, thorny issue.”