Our March Madness match-up between Thirteen and Shane may be the closest competition we’ve ever had at AfterEllen. The lead has changed hands a dozen times already. 
Too bad it’s not an Ultimate Lesbian Slouch competition. They could share a gold medal in that one. 

Women you love love Obama.

Olivia Wilde goes down on Ashley Greene in this clip from Butter. Just saying.

Today’s Shag, Marry, Dump are former Hot 100 winners. 
Vote for your top hottest women for the AfterEllen Hot 100 2012.

When last we saw Wilde’s bisexual doctor Thirteen early this season, she was walking off into the sunset to go enjoy Greece with her girlfriend before her Huntington’s disease gets too bad. Millions of gay women across the globe are still jealous of that girlfriend. - Dorothy Snarker

"House" finale set to bring back Olivia Wilde and other female favorites