"Everyone’s like ‘It’s so sexy! It’s so hot!’ And I’m like ‘I guess, yeah!’" Tegan said. "For me, it’s all about that moment before it gets that way. You know, it’s about the eternal journey, the innocent, youthful summer love, when it doesn’t mean anything. Remember when we used to live off the fumes of just off liking someone and it didn’t matter if they knew? So I think I was writing a little more from that perspective. I mean there are a couple songs where I was writing about relationships but I think in general I’m writing much more about that."

Tegan Quin wants to get “Closer”

“Sarah McLachlaninvited me on her tour, the Lilith Fair tour and yeah, at that time I hadn’t played in years and I was kind of pretty skeptical about it. I thought ‘Oh gosh, I don’t know if I can do this.’ But my manager kind of convinced me to do it and when I got over there and started playing again, I really just immediately fell back in love with music and as soon as I got out on stage I just felt so at home and that really inspired me again,” she said. “And also talking to my fans after the shows was really humbling as well. They made me realize that I’d kind of stopped making music for myself in a way. They were still so supportive and they’ve been waiting for a new album after so many years and I realized how lucky I’ve been and how much I’d taken that support for granted.”

Missy Higgins falls in love again
"How long did it take you and your wife to ‘merge’?" Donna and I have been together six years. After a week or two of dating, I said something incredibly unromantic like, “Well, I’m probably not going to be seeing anyone else now, so I think we should be girlfriends.” She agreed, and then we immediately went to Babeland.
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It wasn’t that I didn’t like men, I just knew that I liked these women. I loved thinking about them and my teachers growing up in elementary school — I would be loving Miss Jones and Miss McCarthy. I just really had love for these women and I didn’t understand why. In kindergarten, (my classmate) Benjamin kissed me on the mouth and I remember thinking, “I don’t really like that.” [Laughs]

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Against Me! singer Tom Gabel has come out as transgender. Tegan Quin sang on the band’s song “Borne on FM Waves of the Heart” in 2009.