CSS - “I’ve Seen You Drunk Gurl”

Exclusive: Hear “Liar Liar” from Hunter Valentine’s “Collide & Conquer”

Out lesbian Charlie of MK1 is a really good reason to watch the UK’s X-Factor.

It’s like you have to watch them perform this song as many time as you can.

Kool Thing - “Plan.Life.Go”


New album out March 2013?

The only gang I wanna be a part of.

Heather Morris does her best Courtney Love. It’s bizarre. 

Learn these lyrics immediately.

"Everyone’s like ‘It’s so sexy! It’s so hot!’ And I’m like ‘I guess, yeah!’" Tegan said. "For me, it’s all about that moment before it gets that way. You know, it’s about the eternal journey, the innocent, youthful summer love, when it doesn’t mean anything. Remember when we used to live off the fumes of just off liking someone and it didn’t matter if they knew? So I think I was writing a little more from that perspective. I mean there are a couple songs where I was writing about relationships but I think in general I’m writing much more about that."

Tegan Quin wants to get “Closer”