Watch Now! AGENDER premieres music video for “Modern Lovers”

Los Angeles-by-way-of-Australia queer trio AGENDER have released their new music video for “Modern Lovers.” The dark romantic track is perfectly complimented with this natural and floral-themed video directed by out filmmaker Aubree Bernier-Clarke.

Pizza and Salad with THEESatisfaction

From Tucson to Kabul
On the border or the hills
For every detainee
We wanna know where justice is
For every ballot by the bullet
For every election that’s been bought
For every secret handshake
We wanna hold the mirror up

Erin McKeown's song written with Rachel Maddow

"It’s a slow process and I have homophobic people in my family. It hurts and is really frustrating but I know that’s changing and I can see it, even in those situations. At some time in my life I have felt there’s no way their minds will ever be changed. We may never get to the same place, but things are changing. And my hope is that people will let go of the fear that they hold and the hate that they hold. We can’t force it. We can’t change people’s minds or their hearts, we can just be ourselves and keep raising awareness and be visible. I would say it’s going to take some more time and take some more fight. There’s a lot of people who are still very stuck."
Heather McEntire on growing up queer in the South, the punk scene and Mount Moriah

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CREEP featuring Tricky and Alejandra de la Deheza - “Call Her”

Tegan and Sara’s new album cover! AKA your new back tattoo.

Harmony Boucher is a lesbian, a musician and a model. SWOON CITY.

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