Fresh Meat Review: Lesbian Criminals, Cannibalism and Sexy Accents

"Rina must now handle the fact that she’s living in a household of cannibals, and they’ve all just become hostages. Yes, people-eating hostages. It doesn’t take long to figure out that Rina is more than a little starry-eyed over Gigi. For one, Rina has a poster hanging on her bedroom wall of a fierce warrior woman she drew up, and she coincidentally looks exactly like badass Gigi. When Gigi’s sort-of boyfriend tries attacking Rina, Gigi simply shoots his head off. Hey, the girl saw that poster on the wall and thought, “This teenage girl has good taste, why let her die? Most endearing of all—she keeps calling Rina a “kid.” Somehow, all of these weird foreplay-like vibes are a major turn-on for Rina, and Gigi too, for that matter. The girls playfully make eyes at each other amid blazing guns and dismembered body parts. I find myself not completely caring about the discovery that’s just been made under the floorboards of the Crane home: a sterile-looking basement that stores “the meat,” where the Cranes keep newly murdered bodies fresh.

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