NSFW nudity and lesbian sexual situations in The Nun. Duh.

Excuse me, Danny Trejo, you’re in my seat.

NINETWOFIVE from Elegant 3lephant on Vimeo.

Oh what a way to make a living.

Daniela Sea is a swinger in The Casserole Club.

In the new film Blue Like JazzTania Raymonde plays a lesbian activist named Lauryn who is friends with the main character, Don.

Morning Brew - Mon. April 30: Tania Raymonde plays a lesbian activist in “Blue Like Jazz,” Archie Panjabi on Kalana

Finally, the trailer for Your Sister’s Sister, starring Rosemarie DeWitt as a queer chick. It’s from out director Lynn Shelton.

The trailer for Concussion is finally out. We talked with producer Angela Robinson last month.

It’s a fantasy of a mid-life crisis. A fantasy of what one could do, played out in a film. It’s about a woman who feels like she has little time left in this gorgeous body, and wants to use it. And her wife is not so interested.

Abby becomes a prostitute and trespasses on the vows of her marriage. But there’s a part of her marriage that is sacrosanct, and she will not trespass on it. No one has a name. It’s Woman 1, Woman 2, Woman 3. It’s fulfilling a desire to have sex without invading into intimacy, if that makes any kind of sense.

Turn Me On, Dammit is a Norwegian film about a teen girl who wants to have sex. (Shocking!) She has a sexual fantasy about a female friend, but largely, she dreams of a guy named Artur, who pokes her with his peen, inciting jealousy from girls at school who start a smear campaign against her.

The Skinny is about five gay college friends who reunite for pride in NYC. It’s four guys and one hot lesbian named Langston, played by Shanika Warren-Markland. Director Patrik-Ian Polk was behind the show Noah’s Arc and Shanika played gay in the all-girl action film