"Lost Girl" announces upcoming Season 5 will be its last

The final season will deal with Bo’s journey to “hell and back to try to save the people she loves.”

Exclusive: An interview with Anna Silk about "Lost Girl" Season 5

The actress on what it means to play the bisexual succubus, how her character has evolved and that necklace given to her by Dr. Lauren Lewis.

Exclusive: "Lost Girl" unreleased extra features Zoie Palmer

A little taste of the fourth season DVD, which comes out Tuesday.

BREAKING: Zoie Palmer Comes Out

Zoie Palmer aka Lauren from Lost Girl just came out at The Canadian Screen Awards. Zoe came out subtly by thanking her partner, Alex, and their son. 

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"Lost Girl" renewed for a fifth Faetastic season

Happy Faes are here again. Lost Girl has been renewed for a fifth season by its Canadian network, Showcase. The series will return for another 13-episode season, meaning Bo is going to have a chance to storm the gates of Valhalla after all.

"Lost Girl" Recap (4.13): The heart is a lonely hunter

Previously on Lost Girl: Bo escapes a Death Train only to pick the world’s most boring boyfriend and together they accidentally open up the Gates of Hel. Also, Lauren sang in French and everyone made out with everyone. Good, now we’re all up to speed?

See, this is why your mother told you to never talk to strangers. Bo is having serious buyer’s remorse about her decision to pick Rainer as her husband/destiny/world-ending-apocalyptic prophecy fulfiller. Rainer is like, “Oops, my bad, guess I suck in every way.” Yes, dude, you do. His mea culpa is interrupted by Bo’s glowy mark, which means even her deadbeat dad disapproves of this union.

"Lost Girl" Recap (4.12): Mother, may I sleep with danger?

What the hell? And I mean that most sincerely, what the actual hell? Does anyone know what is happening? You know when you take an impromptu afternoon nap only to wake up when it’s dark outside and are so confused for a second that you’re not sure what day it is or where you are or possibly what planet this is? Yeah, that is how I felt this whole damn episode. What the hell, Lost Girl?

Fine, I guess I should start at the beginning. Alas, poor Hale. I knew him, Faebians. A fellow of most infinite jest, of most excellent abs. I don’t know, Shakespeare seemed appropriate at a time like this. We’re at his funeral. It’s a bright, beautiful sunny day, which contrasts sharply with everyone’s moods. Isn’t there some sort of cosmic law that it must be overcast and/or raining during funerals? It seems like the respectful thing for Mother Nature to do.

"Lost Girl" Recap (4.11): The evil of the thriller

You know that BFF you had in middle school. You guys went to the mall together. You guys spoke on the phone for hours together. You guys coordinated weekly outfits together. But then your friend got a boyfriend (or girlfriend, depending on how progressive your school was). All of a sudden your friend doesn’t call, doesn’t write, doesn’t coordinate high-top Chuck Taylors with you anymore.

So what’s a gal to do? Watch schlocky zombie and vampire movies and/or Jerry Maguire with your new emerging bestie while mainlining Twizzlers, of course. (But not Red Vines. Oh, yeah, that’s a battle line being drawn.) But then that awkward moment comes when you are complaining about your former BFF to your new BFF. And the former comes bearing reconciliatory gifts of candy (though not Twizzlers, this means war!) and no one exactly knows where to look. Yep, it’s like that.

"Lost Girl" recap (4.02): All Aboard the Love Train

Lauren meets up with a familiar-looking blonde

"Lost Girl" Recap: Nothing to crow about

Should we be surprised that a Death Train is decrepit? Probably not. Should we be surprised Bo is still torn between two lovers? Definitely not. Should we be surprised that a bottle of the black kidnapper smoke that took Bo in the first place is about to be opened in a reckless hail-Mary effort to finally reveal the identity of The Wanderer? Girl, please, have you been watching this show? Reckless is practically its middle name. (p.s. It’s real middle name is “Leather.” Wait, or is that its safe word?)