"Pretty Little Liars" recap (4.14): Doppelganger Destiny

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, four friends suffered years of physical and psychological torture at the hands of their dead best friend’s time-traveling ghost and her army of minions, which consisted of human beings in various states of adrenalized hyperreality, at least one half-blind half-cyborg, and a parrot. After making sure they were run under by cars, poisoned, broken-hearted, hospitalized, institutionalized, hijacked, kidnapped, buried, hypnotized, blown up, drowned, massaged, closeted, shamed, arrested, burned up, and blasted into outer space, the time-traveling ghost revealed herself as a living, breathing not-ghost who just wanted to come home and sleep in the bed her mother had been keeping warm for her.

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Why people like Paige McCullers?


(this is based off my answer to a comment on AfterEllen’s Poll of Favorite Lesbian/Bi TV Character)

Why people like Paige McCullers?

Identification, I’d say. I believe that identification is the main factor that makes you like a character. It could be identification because you are similar to what the character is or because the character is what you wish you were.

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Our tag is blowing up with lesbians telling us why Paige McCullers deserves a victory for Favorite Les/Bi Character in our Visibility Awards. Hit us up with your posts making the case for your favorite character and we’ll reblog the best of the best. (Don’t forget to tag it “AfterEllen” so we can find it!) 

Paige, how are you feeling now that you’ve pulled ahead of Santana?

Don’t try to look away from Pretty Little Liars’ entry into the Hottest Hookup poll, or Emily Fields will caress your neck and make you listen. She was looking for something, OK? She was looking for someone. And she came here. 

Gay Visibility and Pretty Little Liars or Why Paige McCullers is the Most Important Character on Television


Warning; This post is rambly

When I first started watching Pretty Little Liars just over a year ago, the idea that I would be writing an essay on the importance of Paige McCullers would never have crossed my mind and yet that is exactly what I’m doing.

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Minister tells us why she thinks Paige McCullers deserves the Visibility Award for Favorite Lesbian/Bi TV Character

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Your Favorite TV Actress probably says a lot about who you are. Like you want a serious relationship and a baby, or you prefer to suck the life out of people with your kiss.
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