AE Exclusive Interview: "Masters of Sex" has a 1950s lesbian storyline in Season 2

Annaleigh Ashford and Sarah Silverman try to find their place as a couple in 1950s St. Louis.'s 30 Under 30: Queer Women to Watch

The directors, actors, writers, artists, activists and other young women we are happy to see more of in our future.

Lady Parts Justice launches tonight to help women reclaim their rights

50 videos for 50 states, all in the name of funny feminism.

Ruby Rose directs and stars in “Break Free” short film

Gender-bending model, DJ, actress and all around gorgeous personality Ruby Rose has created a rad new short film about transcending boundaries of femininity, masculinity, and the areas in between. No one knows this better than Ruby, who has been presented as high femme in modeling campaigns or on television but also enjoys to dress in tomboyish androgynous gear, all while fans feel free to tell her what they prefer. (Read her social media if you want a taste!) But it’s her ability to immerse fully into the very different presentations that makes her so good at what she does, and able to comment successfully without saying a word.

It’s a tad NSFW unless your work is A OK with dildos!

AE Exclusive Interview: Kathryn Prescott on "Finding Carter," "Skins Fire" and being recognized in America

Kathryn Prescott will always be Emily Fitch to us, but she’s now got two new identities on MTV’s Finding Carter. Kat plays a teenager she thinks is named Carter Stevens, but finds out that she was abducted as a three-year-old, formerly named Lyndon Wilson. Now Carter has to meet her biological parents, twin sister (played by Anna Jacoby-Heron), younger brother and grandparents while also figuring out why the woman she thought was her mother (Milena Govich) has lied to her all these years.

The first two episodes of Finding Carter premiered on July 8 and Kat Prescott attended the MTV TCA day in Los Angeles to talk the new series, being recognized in America and Naomi’s untimely death on Skins Fire. So firstly, one question people want me to ask is why is Meg not playing your twin sister on the show?

Call for nominations! 3rd annual Femslash Madness Tournament!

Ladies and ladies, welcome to our third annual Ultimate Femslash Madness Tournament, the place where you can vote (and vote and vote) to crown your favorite non-canon couples as champions of the internet! If there’s one thing we know here at AfterEllen it’s that some of the very best potential pairings never get to do more than stare longingly into each other’s eyes because TV executives are still bamboozled by the fact that lesbians exist. But forget those guys! Today is your day!

Or, well, this month is your month.

From now until July 18th you can nominate your OTP by commenting on this post or hitting us up on Tumblr or Twitter with the hashtag #FemslashOTP. Nominations can include movies, books, comic books, and TV shows; and can consist of same-show or cross-show pairings; and can include a lesbian or bisexual character as long as the couple you nominate isn’t canon in that fictional universe. So, for example, you can nominate Spencer Hastings and Quinn Fabray, or Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery, or Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields. (You cannot, however, nominate Spencer Hastings and yourself, even though I know that’s what you really want to do.)

The first round of voting will kick off on July 21st!

Who do you think we should include in this year’s tournament?

"Seed" premieres tonight on The CW

The CW will air the Canadian sitcom Seed beginning tonight at 9:30 p.m. and here’s why you care: There are two gorgeous lesbian moms. Amanda Brugel is Michelle Krosnoff and Stephanie Anne Mills is her partner Zoey Jones. Together they have a 9-year-old son named Billy who they conceived through a sperm donor. That sperm donor, Harry (Adam Korson), is “a likable bachelor and bartender, eager to reap the benefits of fatherhood, without having any of the responsibility.”