Watch Now! “What to Expect: When You Tell Someone You’re a Lesbian”

When you come out as a lesbian, just expect many different reactions from so many different people.

Watch now! MK Nobilette does “To Make You Feel My Love” on “Idol” Movie Night

For American Idol‘s movie night, MK Nobilette chose to do her version of Garth Brooks‘ cover of the Bob Dylan song “To Make You Feel My Love” from the 1998 Sandra Bullock dramedy Hope Floats.


Cara Delevingne pushed Rihanna in a shopping cart and walked down the runway with Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel’s autumn/winter 2014 ready-to-wear runway show in Paris

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"Lost Girl" renewed for a fifth Faetastic season

Happy Faes are here again. Lost Girl has been renewed for a fifth season by its Canadian network, Showcase. The series will return for another 13-episode season, meaning Bo is going to have a chance to storm the gates of Valhalla after all.

Lez Chic: Black and blue are the warmest colors

With last year’s “Lesbian Chic” trend, in addition to the establishment of a number of fashion lines designed with an eye for queer women, there has been a noticeable shift in how lesbians ethically and politically relate to fashion. To reflect that shift in attitude, as well as to further champion fashion as the ultimate techne for the stylization of one’s own gendered body as well as one’s ethics, I welcome you to AfterEllen inaugural style column, “Style is the Lez.” Here, we’ll talk about the various modalities of style in culture, whether its in the form of a trend report or an interview with a queer fashion designer. 

"Pretty Little Liars" recap (4.21): The Scarlet Letter

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer staged an intervention to tell Aria she was dating Ali’s Board Shorts, but it turned into an intervention for Spencer because she was addicted to Adderall. Shana fled Rosewood after driving Emily all over town for secret meetings with Ali and coaxing Emily into retrieving some of the cash Ali had stashed here and there and in every porcelain doll head in Pennsylvania. Hanna made a move on Travis from the tow truck company, but Ashley intervened and took her to smash some plates instead of some hearts. And Ezra finally revealed to Aria that he dated Ali, knew who Aria was before he started dating her, and has been writing a “True Crime” novel about Ali’s fake death for the last two years, a thing that required an NSA level of secret surveillance on unsuspecting people, including all the Liars. There was a ski lift. Faces were made.

Morning Brew - Wives Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills launch MSNBC web series

Plus “Vampire Academy” actress Lucy Fry on calling Portia “mum.”

"Janet King" is a new Aussie drama with a lesbian lead

You are working that head merkin, lady. Australia, you have been doing some good work lately. I mean it: for a long time I just thought of you as the place that gave us The Wiggles and where my ex-girlfriend moved, but I may have to forgive both those grudges in light of your recent TV offerings. I fell madly in love with Wentworth last year, and now there’s another gritty, crime-centered drama with a lesbian lead: Janet King.

Morning Brew - Ellen DeGeneres covers "People"

Ellen DeGeneres is on the cover of People magazine this week, and inside she talks about hosting the Oscars (this Sunday night!), coming out and her relationship with Portia. (For the record, they are very much in love.) An excerpt on coming out:

After I came out, I went through a really tough time. And that’s okay. For whatever reason, it was a big deal for me to come out. To me, my coming out was the equivalent of if Liberace had come out. I didn’t think it was going to be that much of a surprise. What hurt was this: Does that label, that word, change my talent, my kindness, my heart, my intention for entertaining people? I thought everyone knew me, and I didn’t think that one little adjective was going to define me.

Feminist Friday: Oh, good. More reasons to prosecute women.

This Week: Rachel Maddow, Meryl Streep, and ladies hitting on you.