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Watch Now! Soko gets sexy and Sapphic for CK One

Calvin Klein has been embracing different aesthetics for their CK One fragrance since the ’90s, when Jenny Shimizu went topless and androgynous for one of their early campaigns. Now French musician Soko is lending her face (and lips!) to the new ad, which is a tiny bit NSFW.

Listen to Heather M’s Dancefloor-Ready Ode to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

Supported by Human Rights Group this track not only shows no matter what gender, race, or sexual preference we are, we all have fun the same ways. DJ Heather is an out lesbian house DJ who has spun internationally and worked with stars like Justin Timberlake. 

VICE raved “If Cyndi Lauper recorded her seminal 80s anthem “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” today, it would likely be over some thumping bass and a slew of shimmering hi-hats.  But since Lauper is still off reliving the good old days in concert with Cher, Brooklyn DJ Heather M has done the deed in her stead. Heather’s version, though, allows for a bit more gender neutral fun. “Wanna Have Fun” is a sparkling, multi-layered melodic dance track that begins with MayK’s raspy, sultry vocals before turning it over to a guy who robotically repeats “I wanna have fun.” Just shut up and party girls and boys. 

For those who haven’t heard her recent jam “Break Your Dub,” Heather M is a New York City-based producer who has worked with the likes of Justin Timberlake. Meanwhile, MayK began her singing career in the Israeli opera at 5-years-old and has since moved to New York to sing over booming dance tracks. She’s also a self-taught pianist and has recorded alongside Steve Aoki, Stargate and the Berman Brothers. Don’t sleep on these two ladies—they’re just out here having fun with it.”

(Source: afterellen)