The Lost Troian Bellisario Gay Short Film

If you’re like me, one of life’s great disappointments is its dearth of things with Troian Bellisario in them. Sure, we have Pretty Little Liars, but it is presented to us in “episodes” and “seasons,” which are horribly finite, and not just a continuous stream of delight as I’m sure we’d all prefer. And it’s just not enough. We need Troian Bellisario lunchboxes and action figures and her voice on a GPS (think how frustrated she would sound when you missed a turn! So frustrated!).

Well, to slightly curb our collective appetite, I present to you the following information: Troian Bellisario was in a short film in which she plays a young (probable) lesbian who has crazy chemistry with her father’s girlfriend (which actually sounds very Spencer Hastings, the more I think about it). Intersect is 16 minutes long, you can watch it for free, and it came out in 2009.

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