iO Tillett Wright on The Jeff Probst Show

iO Tillett Wright at last night’s Self-Evident Truth exhibition in NYC.
Amber Heard with out photographer iO Tillett Wright in NYC. iO’s taking some shots of her. Magical.

I remember well the moment I learned that the cute boy in the bow tie on the Le Tigre posters wasn’t a boy at all. It was my first time being truly duped by a woman. Contrary to common wisdom, JD Samson is not in the process of becoming a man; rather she is a self-defined “gender outlaw” who is just really good at blurring the lines.

iO Tillett Wright on JD Samson.

My theory is that I would go so far as to say no one is 100% anything. A 100% is so black and white and I don’t think that that is how human nature works. I don’t think human beings are capable of being 100% something for the rest of their lives. So I don’t think anyone is 100% straight or 100% gay, you know what I mean? Because of that, “Self Evident Truths” has basically become a campaign to show that we have all some shade of grey not black or white. And that applies to everything. That applies to race, to income, to education, to sexuality, to everything. You can’t just separate people into boxes and have them stay there.

iO Tillett Wright in Freunde von Freunden