Morning Brew - "OITNB" star Jackie Cruz goes gay in "13 Steps"

Plus Arizona takes a spill in a new “Grey’s Anatomy” promo and more.

Cheat sheet! When do your favorite lesbian/bi TV shows return in 2014?

Now that those pesky holidays are over we can get back to the business of television! Loads of your favorite lesbian/bi shows are getting ready to return in a major way, so we thought we’d put together a handy cheat sheet to help you not miss a minute. Below are the premiere dates for upcoming shows featuring gay ladies (with our AfterEllen Twitter hasthtags — so you can tweet along with us! — in parentheses).

Two and a Half Men – Jan 2 (#2Men1Lez)

Dracula – Jan 3

Pretty Little Liars – Jan 7 (#BooRadleyVanCullen)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Jan 7 (#Superqueeros)

Chicago Fire – Jan 7 (#ShaycagoFire)

Super Fun Night – Jan 8

White Collar – Jan 9

The Fosters – Jan 13 (#GaydyBunch)

Shameless – Jan 12

Lost Girl (SyFy) – Jan 13

Hollywood Game Night – Jan 20

Black Sails – Jan 25

House of Cards – Feb 14

Glee – Feb 25 (#GaySharks)

Rizzoli & Isles – Feb 25 (#Gayzzoli)

Grey’s Anatomy – Feb 27 (#GreysGays)

Once Upon a Time – March 9 (#Queerytales)

Orphan Black – April 19 (#Clonesbians)

Orange Is the New Black - Spring 2014

Defiance – June 2014

“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.11): Less Talkin’, More Kissin’

Arizona and Callie are West Winging it, walking down halls and talking. Things are still a bit frosty, especially with Callie tries to get out of April’s shower (I get it Callie, it was a terrible movie). They both walk past Leah who bids them hello in her best, professional not-at-all-heartbroken way. Stephanie and Jo give her props for keeping it together, when she clearly wants to scream right there at the nurses station.

"Grey's Anatomy" recap (10.10): Release the YaYas

Sara Ramirez has landed in the top ten of our Hot 100 every year since 2008. (#8 in 2008, #8 in 2009, #4 in 2010, #4 in 2011, and #7 in 2012.) Have you propelled her into one of the top spots for the sixth year running? Vote now!
Voting is now open for round two of our AfterEllen March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament, and if you thought the match-ups in round one were rough, wait’ll you get a load of these. 

We sorted every (magical) lesbian/bi TV character in the history of the world into Hogwarts houses because we love you.

Your Favorite TV Actress probably says a lot about who you are. Like you want a serious relationship and a baby, or you prefer to suck the life out of people with your kiss.
Who can it be now?

If the residents leave, which actors will fill their shoes? When Santana graduates from Glee I vote that she become Seattle Grace’s head candy striper. Meow! #bestideaever! - Bridget McManus

"Grey’s Anatomy" SnapCap (8.20): “The Girl With No Name”