"Life Partners" is a sweet, slightly uneven film

The movie deals with the complex friendship of two young women: One gay, one straight.

In Life Partners, Paige (Community’s Gillian Jacobs) and Sasha (Leighton Meester) are enmeshed, co-dependent best friends at the crux of their own existential crises. Both women are nearing 30 (you know, the age where everything wonderful ceases to exist) and have settled into a sort of comfortable ennui with each other. Paige is a moderately successful lawyer and a bit of a control freak, while Sasha wastes away at a boring desk job despite her music degree and uber supportive parents.

“Woman’s Lake” is a picturesque portrait of two relationships

Woman’s Lake centers on Roza, a 40-something fisherwoman and her non-defined relationship with lover Kirsten. While grumpy Roza slips on a pair of waders each day and works the lakes near her home outside of Brandenburg, impeccable Kirsten is a successful architect. However, it’s not their vastly different careers that cause friction between the two. Together now for a year and a half, Kirsten is still hesitant to define their relationship, much to Rosa’s frustration. Their passion for one another is undeniable and seems to be the balm for many of their grievances.

While working, Roza comes across two young women, Evi and Olivia, who are on holiday canoeing the lakes. When they later ignore Roza’s warning about camping on protected land, what is at first a tense confrontation turns into a curious camaraderie between the women. Evi, a modern dancer, and Olivia, a university student, have been together for four years. Evi’s wandering eye has been an issue in their relationship, and the first moment she gets, her eye wanders right over to Roza. The instant, intense attraction between the Evi and Roza is both flattering and confusing to the older woman. When Kirsten hears of the young travellers, she tells Roza to invite them to stay at her lake house. This sets in motion a series of events that will test both couples’ relationships and force them all to face some difficult truths about love, commitment and monogamy.

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