Olivia Thirlby has some killer style going on at Comic-Con.
Kim Ann Foxman is on Complex Style’s list of 50 Most Stylish Women in New York Right Now. She’s also on my list of “Women that make me feel DTF.”

Jenny Shimizu was hot in the ’90s/is still hot today.

Looking very Shane today.

Out designer Alicia Hardesty is a contestant! She’s behind a line called The Original Tomboy and it looks like she’s going to bring a much needed queer female eye to the Lifetime show. Team Alicia!

From today’s Morning Brew.

Freja looks good in jackets; everything.

Gwen Stefani’s design for Target. (Via Afternoon Delight)

Lily, 18 “I’m not a gay girl who happens to be an artist who happens to be named Lily. I’m Lily, who is an artist, who happens to be gay.”

Me and You and Everyone We Know - Rookie

Back when she was just the woman that created the collar/tie accessory, we spoke with the star of Fashion Star, Kara Laricks. Check out our interview.