Catching Up With "Finding Carter" star Meredith Baxter

We check in with the actress on her life post-coming out and her new MTV series, premiering tonight.

Ellen and Ellen: Where we are with coming out

17 years after Ellen DeGeneres came out, Ellen Page’s own coming out process shows how far we’ve come, and what we still have to gain.

Watch now! Ellen Page on Kitty Pryde and coming out

Ellen Page stopped by Good Morning America today to talk about playing Kitty Pryde again in X-Men: Days of Future Past and the “beautiful” reaction to her coming out.

Tell me you didn’t smile when she said, “I couldn’t have even anticipated how happy I feel.” Fine, I’ll go see the dang movie, Ellen!

Today Jesse Thomas Came Out, Dropped Her Second Album, And Made Us A Special Music Video To Celebrate

“Stolen Limousine” is a gorgeous love song filled with longing and naked adoration. I convinced Jesse Thomas serenade you with “Stolen Limousine” because (after Jesse Thomas) I am the raddest homo in LA. Enjoy Jesse’s husky croons while gazing deep into her eyes. She likes it.

AE EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Thomas Drops Her Sophomore Album and Comes Out

“Your responses are so zen,” I observe to Jesse Thomas, a singer/songwriter whose addictive sound combines droll lyricism, lilting nostalgia, and the loveliest rasp. Today Jesse’s sophomore album, Burn The Boats,  is dropping right next to Tori Amos on iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts. “I’m zen as fuck,” she replies, and so commences the coming out of Jesse Thomas.

Lena Dunham wishes she was gay, loves her gay sister

During her acceptance speech this past Monday for the Point Foundation’s Horizon Award, Lena Dunham admitted her disappointment when she realized she was straight. She noted, however, she was grateful that there was at least one homo in the family: “When my sister came out, I thought, ‘Thank God, someone in this family can truly represent my passions and beliefs.’”

Morning Brew - Abby Wambach talks coming out and married life

“Nope. It hasn’t been different at all. It hasn’t felt different at all and it’s not like it’s something I’ve been hiding. I feel it was a surprise for other people. For them it might be different. I don’t know. Frankly, I hope it’s different in a positive way, and if it’s not, I’m not going to tell people how to live their life and I surely wouldn’t tell people my life is the way you should be living. People get to choose what they do want to do with their life and I appreciated that. My parents can attest to this: I wanted to make my choices even as a teenager, and I’m happy (now). At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”

Watch now! Djuan Trent talks about coming out as queer on TMZ Live

Former Miss Kentucky Djuan Trent came out as queer last month, and she Skyped in on TMZ Live yesterday to discuss the reaction from the LGBT community and her home state. Djuan, who works for the state government out of Lexington, says she found it interesting that some people objected to her identifying as “queer” as opposed to lesbian, bisexual or gay.

“I know there are a lot of people from older generations who do not care for the word because it brings back a lot of bad memories, but there are a lot of people from my generation and especially up North who are using the word a lot more,” Djuan told TMZ. “And I like it, so I used it.”

Sophia came out as a panseuxal alien teen on last night's "Star-Crossed"

Last night on the fifth episode of CW’s Star-Crossed, Sophia revealed that she is a pansexual alien gal with a big time crush on a human gal. If you haven’t seen the show, you’re really going to need me to unpack that sentence, huh?

BREAKING: Zoie Palmer Comes Out

Zoie Palmer aka Lauren from Lost Girl just came out at The Canadian Screen Awards. Zoe came out subtly by thanking her partner, Alex, and their son. 

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