Cameron Esposito performs on "Last Call with Carson Daly" while lesbian

Cameron Esposito was on Last Call With Carson Daly earlier this month and the video is now available for those of you who didn’t catch it live on TV. The out comic discussed feeling like “David Bowie but a woman who is telling jokes.”

Once you have stopped LOLing, I highly suggest reading Cameron’s latest column for The AV Club where she discusses “being a comic and a punchline” while participating in her stand-up set for Last Call. An excerpt:

Some of the comics going up ahead of me were also being taped for Last Call. Some were just catching a set. All of them had a least one gay joke.

Some of the jokes stated a thesis outright, something like: “You might think I look like a lesbian, but I’m not a lesbian and that’s gross.” I’m paraphrasing, but, generally, that one was told by the only other woman on the lineup, a very straight-looking gal, by my eyeballs’ estimation. Some of the jokes simply implied gayness, posing questions like, “What if my dad wanted to suck a dick?” so the audience could laugh at the very thought that a man might want to do that, which, of course, would be insane.

By the time Cameron was going on, she was following a ton of gay jokes made by straight comments.

As it was, I did my very best. Yes, I look gay, and I am gay, I said, but, as a joke with a punchline and stuff. An audience member corrected me. “No,” he said, “you look like a dyke.” I mentioned that I am engaged. “Yeah, pussy!” another fine gentleman chimed in. If you are wondering if an audience member offered me his dick, that certainly happened. And I definitely got booed when I told that audience member he could use his own dick to go fuck himself, which I’m still laughing about. I went over my time—did 10 or 12 minutes—and I found a few jokes that worked. Mostly though, I stood in front of a hostile crowd wishing I could just chat to them or yell at them or laugh with them and work the hostility out but wanting to provide the Last Call editors with actual jokes to work with. I do hope they leave that dick line in there though, because it’s genius.

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The out comic’s new comedy album is worth listening to more than once.

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Kate McKinnon was named the Best Supporting Actress on a Television Series on last night’s American Comedy Awards, which aired on NBC. The out Saturday Night Live cast member beat out Chelsea Peretti, Vanessa Bayer, Julie Bowen and Aubrey Plaza. Her speech is, of course, hilarious.

Cameron Esposito is recording a comedy album with Kill Rock Stars

If you’re at all familiar with record label Kill Rock Stars and comedian Cameron Esposito, then you know a marriage of the two would be something that dreams are made of. As luck would have it, KRS announced this week that they will be releasing Esposito’s second stand-up album, bringing her to Portland to record in May. That gives you plenty of time to pack all your denim, get tickets and hit the Oregon Trail. If you still need convincing, or if you’re at all unfamiliar with either the legendary record label or Cameron “The Future of Comedy” Esposito, then strap in for a trip down memory lane. Seems the Pacific Northwest is about to make some more queer entertainment landmarks.

Out comic Diana Yanez talks family, storytelling and “The Latina Christmas Special”

It seems impossible to be a comedy fan and to have not heard of Sandra Valls, Diana Yanez and Maria Russell but if you count yourself among the minority, The Latina Christmas Special is here for you. Combined Artform & Atomictuna Productions have brought these three hilarious women together to share touching and surprisingly personal Christmas stories of holidays past told in one-woman show format. Promising to become a holiday tradition for Los Angelinos, Valls, a Mexican America from Laredo, Texas – Yanez, a Cuban American from Miami–and Russell, the daughter of an over-dedicated Mexican mother and compliant Lithuanian father, share their sassy tales of the season as first generation Americans.

With widely recognized talent, seen on Margaret Cho’s Sensuous Woman Show (Yanez), The Latin Divas of Comedy (Valls) and Howie Mandel’s: Deal with It (Russell), these woman have adapted their funny to this theatrical format and are thrilled to present it to audiences for four shows only before the 2013 Holiday Season. Yanez, a stand-up comic hailing from the “other” Cuba (,Miami Beach, Florida), took time out of her holiday preparations and birthday weekend to give me a little background on her start in comedy and what brought these three powerhouses together.

I’m in a new relationship. Super fun! I know! It’s exciting. She’s amazing. She’s absolutely fantastic. I know! She, meaning I’m gay. I know. Take a second. And we’re back! No fresh balls for me.

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Yes, I do mention that I’m gay and in a relationship. I’ll also be carrying a softball glove.

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