Lea DeLaria: A Brief History of a Bad Ass Butch Lesbian

Big Boo has been around for a long, long time.

Lena Dunham is Bringing “The Handsome Butch” to the Silver Screen

“I’m here to remind you that you have the right to be handsome,” reads the tagline to Mr. Rachel Tutera’s popular tumblr blog, thehandsomebutch

Tutera, a contributor to sites like dapperq and a stylist for queer woman, who is also a clothier for the bespoke menswear company Bindle & Keep, is featured in a new, untitled, documentary produced by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s company, A Casual Romance Productions, and directed by Jason Benjamin.

Butch Queens, Old School Dykes, Queer Femmes and More: The Identity Project

Sarah Deragon’s photography shows how the community sees themselves.

A.K. Summers illustrates the life of "Pregnant Butch"

After getting pregnant with her son, A.K. Summers knew that her experiences as a butch woman should be shared with the world. Firstly, there were no relevant websites, books or guides to being a pregnant butch, and secondly, it was a long nine months of dealing with issues that most women wouldn’t have to consider while they are planning baby showers and buying bassinets.

What began as a web comic is now a hard copy book out today from Soft Skull Press, and A.K.’s stories of finding the right delivery team, clothing and support from people in her life (including her partner) proves to be a fun read with a good balance of eye-roll worthy moments (like the landlord that keeps calling her “Mommy”) and hilarious tidbits (like people feeling the need to tell her she looked like she’d just put on some weight).

In praise of good butch women

So do you need a ride?” Your friend asks.

“Well, I don’t need one.” You can see the tip of your street from where you stand

“But do you want one?” She leans close, and you can smell what must be her deodorant: Old Spice. Like your ex wears.

“Yeah,” you say. “I do.”

When you’re not dating a butch you almost forget. What it feels like to have your needs anticipated and met. That particular brand of attentiveness which makes you feel catered to; cocooned.