Brandi Carlile and her wife are expecting

Singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile is used to birthing a baby every couple of years, but it’s usually in the form of an album. This June, she and her wife Catherine will produce one of a different kind: a baby girl.

It was truly one of our best days, completely awkward and human and beautiful. I’m married to my best friend and nothing has ever brought me more joy than that.

Brandi Carlile on marrying her boo.
When I find out Brandi Carlile got married, I’m all like…

Brandi Carlile rocked some hot fashion and arm candy at the Americana Awards last night.

Brandi Carlile’s Tiny Desk Concert for NPR. Also: Vest, hat.

Double Rainbow!


Thanks for the 1st show Twin Cities. Full on double rainbow all the way across the sky……. it’s too much.


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Brandi Carlile wants marriage equality, ya’ll.

Brandi Carlile - “That Wasn’t Me”

AE:Are you bringing your girlfriend on the road with you?BC:Oh yeah!
AE:What is your fun when you’re bored on the road?BC: Well it’s cool that she’ll be with me because she’ll get me up and off the bus, you know. She won’t tolerate sitting around. She’ll absolutely have me out going on walks and going to find a lake or a pond to fish in in something like that and on days off I go fishing. But I’m going to start getting up earlier and getting out in the towns that we’re staying in and just keep my head right. I don’t want to be in just band-tour-focus mode.

Brandi Carlile on “Bear Creek,” her personal style and if she’ll ever get married
I don’t consider myself a very androgynous person, but I think [people] can sense a certain dissent or a difference in gender roles,” Carlile says. “They can sense that I’m not singing or talking about things in a traditional way. As a songwriter, it’s really important that that become a place for expression, because of what other songwriters did for me as a young gay teenager. Having those gender pronouns used in an ambiguous way made me feel like I could relate to songs that were sung by women or men. Those kinds of things being addressed creatively and politically made me feel like I could be successful and proud.
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