Anonymous asked: Can you recommend any style items for a tomboyish girl?


1. Skinny-straight cute jeans in a dark, subtle wash. FUCK BOOTCUT. Don’t even go near them. Light can look mall rat super easily so if you’re not sure, go dark. No patches, bedazzling, or excessive adornment on jeans. Too guido. 

2. Clean but very soft t shirts that are form fitting (not baggy) but not skin tight with a subtle-deep v-neck. Build up from white and black into sky blue, rust red, forest green, royal purple, dove grey, etc. 

3. A long, cool necklace/pendant: if in doubt go for a long, fine, delicate chain with a bullet on the end. Always a winner. 

4. Beanies: go for some classy beanies, which means dont just grab a pack of black ones. Think a little slouchy but NOT dangling. Neutral tones or tones similar to ones from t shirts in #2. 

5. Chuck Taylors/Vans that are slightly distinct but not too adorned. 

6. A leather jacket. This is an investment piece, but a classic black or brown leather bomber jacket is something to have. Save up and get one that actually fits you though- not too big. That’s a little childish. 

7. 1 or 2 silver rings of high quality that you can just keep on. 

8. A nice leather wallet- doesn’t have to be designer, just mature. 

9. Even if you’re a tomboy, you’d still probably look better with a little makeup. Some basics that will perk your face up without screaming MAKEUP: seperating mascana, tinted lip balm, concealer,semi-nude cream eyeshadow, and fine tipped eyeliner/eyebrow pencil. 

10. Cool studded earrings made out of a legit metal. 

I get this question once a week so here’s 10 tips for tomboyish girls. 

Morning Brew - La Roux talks androgyny and labels in "The Guardian"

Plus a new music video from Antigone Rising and more.

Oh look its my old friend Alana. It’s good to be a LA lesbian. 
that stare, that hair

Lez Chic: The Creators of VEEA on androgynous fashion

One of my favorite labels is VEEA: Androgynous Fashion, established by sisters (like, literal, biological sisters), Vee and A., in 2012. The quality of fabric, as well as the meticulous tailoring and construction, distinguish VEEA as an impressive label on the rise. Vee and A., whose names combine to give the label its name, also espouse a very thoughtful set of ethics, articulated in seven chapters on their website, pertaining to style, garment design, and the ideation of designer as artist. 

“Style is the same as ethics,” A. Lee told me in a recent interview. Here is a continuation of our discussion, about VEEA, the aesthetic of androgyny as it has been adopted by the fashion industry, and 2014 style trends.

A Queer Ladies’ Guide to Wedding Attire

What’s a semi-androgynous, slightly neurotic girl to do? Make elaborate pro/con lists outlining all possible wedding outfit options- that’s what. (Side note: I scribbled “heteronormative” as a negative for wearing a suit, but my fiancée countered with “gender-conforming” under the dress column—so you know we’re meant to be.) Utilizing my extensive moderate limited knowledge of fashion and trends, I compiled my pro/con list findings to create the following wedding attire guide.

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