Lez Chic: The Creators of VEEA on androgynous fashion

One of my favorite labels is VEEA: Androgynous Fashion, established by sisters (like, literal, biological sisters), Vee and A., in 2012. The quality of fabric, as well as the meticulous tailoring and construction, distinguish VEEA as an impressive label on the rise. Vee and A., whose names combine to give the label its name, also espouse a very thoughtful set of ethics, articulated in seven chapters on their website, pertaining to style, garment design, and the ideation of designer as artist. 

“Style is the same as ethics,” A. Lee told me in a recent interview. Here is a continuation of our discussion, about VEEA, the aesthetic of androgyny as it has been adopted by the fashion industry, and 2014 style trends.

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Casey Legler for Michael Bastian

I have “Androgynous” as a tattoo. Tyra and the producers and the executives made sure that while I was on the show, I represented myself how they had seen me, and how I would dress on a day-to-day basis in skinny jeans and jackets, and boots, and then I would transform. And that would be the awe in how it happens and how it’s done. They made sure I stayed true to myself, and they allowed me to be androgyny. 

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