In 2012, Zoie Palmer came in at #16 on our Hot 100 list, but the last year has been even better for her at AfterEllen. Lauren Lewis won our March Madness tournament and Doccubus shippers closed ranks hard when Tamsin came to town. Will Zoie rocket up even higher on the Hot 100 this year? You decide! 

The Meet the Parents segment is interrupted because, dude, it’s finally time to fight. So Tamsin squares up her eyes to Bo and says, “Juice me.” Am I still wearing clothes? Because I don’t mean to be.
Bo grabs the back of Tam’s head and says sharing is caring. She jabs Tamsin and does the Succubus version of a blowback, where she sucks in some on Tamsin’s super juiced chi. They finally break all blue-eyed and slack-jawed and lusty roars and forget breaking out of the cell. First they’ll need a knife to cut all this sexual tension.

Dorothy Snarker’s “Lost Girl” finale recap!
Congratulations to Dr. “Hot Pants” Lauren Lewis for winning our AfterEllen March Madness Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament! 
AfterEllen March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever Tournament
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But we’ve got even more insidious evil to worry about than a couple of suburban moms dabbling in the occult. Because Dr. Taft is back at Lauren’s door again. And this time he’s carrying a little black folder filled with secrets. He charged his obscenely paid lawyers with digging up the dirt on her and what they found was Karen Beattie. I know, I know, it’s shocking to realize Lauren even had such a terrible, terrible haircut.

Yes, our Dr. Lewis is a fugitive from the law named Karen Beattie who, if I read her dossier right, is wanted for being linked to an organization involved in Interpol cases. Also for protesting against prison sentences and demonstrating about government restrictions to scientific research. That’s all she’s wanted for? Protesting? Doesn’t Interpol have like real terrorists to catch? Regardless, this solves the mystery as to why Lauren/Karen was in the Congo and Afghanistan for five years. Wait, hold up, say all this is true – there is still no way in hell Zoie Palmer is only 5’2.”

Lost Girl recap: The Witches of Faewick

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Bo stammers on about space and taking all the time she needs and her not going anywhere. But the heart wants what it wants, and it wants to have Lauren in her arms right now. But she leaves, and before she makes the door turns. “This is just a break, right?” And in that moment, we are all Bo.

Lost Girl recap (3.10) This is how a heart breaks

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What match-up #10 looks like right now in our AfterEllen March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament.

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We sorted every (magical) lesbian/bi TV character in the history of the world into Hogwarts houses because we love you.

Hey, Bo and Lauren, what makes you think Lost Girl deserves the Hottest Hookup trophy in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards


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