Cheat sheet! When do your favorite lesbian/bi TV shows return in 2014?

Now that those pesky holidays are over we can get back to the business of television! Loads of your favorite lesbian/bi shows are getting ready to return in a major way, so we thought we’d put together a handy cheat sheet to help you not miss a minute. Below are the premiere dates for upcoming shows featuring gay ladies (with our AfterEllen Twitter hasthtags — so you can tweet along with us! — in parentheses).

Two and a Half Men – Jan 2 (#2Men1Lez)

Dracula – Jan 3

Pretty Little Liars – Jan 7 (#BooRadleyVanCullen)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Jan 7 (#Superqueeros)

Chicago Fire – Jan 7 (#ShaycagoFire)

Super Fun Night – Jan 8

White Collar – Jan 9

The Fosters – Jan 13 (#GaydyBunch)

Shameless – Jan 12

Lost Girl (SyFy) – Jan 13

Hollywood Game Night – Jan 20

Black Sails – Jan 25

House of Cards – Feb 14

Glee – Feb 25 (#GaySharks)

Rizzoli & Isles – Feb 25 (#Gayzzoli)

Grey’s Anatomy – Feb 27 (#GreysGays)

Once Upon a Time – March 9 (#Queerytales)

Orphan Black – April 19 (#Clonesbians)

Orange Is the New Black - Spring 2014

Defiance – June 2014

Diana Berrigan, the hottest FBI lesbian on television.

Since the start of the series Diana has been dating, and is now engaged to, her lovely fiancée Christie so we haven’t gotten a chance to see her work it with the ladies. While I am securely in favor of seeing Diana and Christie have a happy ending and a big lesbian wedding on the show (if only to get another chance to see the phantom Christie), I would love to see a little of Agent Berrigan’s game in action. - Lucy Hallowell

Will “White Collar“‘s lesbian special agent take an undercover lover this season?