"Obviously I’m Jo Polniaczek. I don’t care how many boyfriendsJo Polniaczek had. Jo Polniaczek might have been one of my boyfriends.”

“When I was growing up, there was nothing like this. There was no awareness.  People didn’t know it was okay, didn’t feel okay about themselves. Now I get tweets all the time about people saying ‘I feel okay being who I am. I told my parents I was gay and they gave me a hug’…It’s days like this and support like this…that make people feel okay being who they are.”

Sara Gilbert has spirit!

You teach your children about equality, and then you have to explain why you can’t get married.

It’s bullshit, isn’t it Sara Gilbert?


Did you catch Linda Perry performing “Beautiful” on The Talk. 

(Source: thebacklot)