Couples Therapy” recap (4.2): Strippers, Physics and Lesser Demons

Day Two begins with a bespectacled psychologist in earth tones herding her infamous creche to group therapy. She asks the couples to reveal their darkest relationship moments. Taylor describes finding her abusive ex hanging after she filed for divorce. Next up: the lesbians. Whitney stars tearing up immediately as she discusses how a serious argument with Sara recently turned borderline violent. After a night of drinking, Sada mistakenly thought Whitney was flirting with another girl and started attacking Whitney bother verbally and physically.’

Whitney: I was being straight attacked. In my head, I wanted to smash her. To be 100% honest, I wanted to kick her ass. I told her that, and she kept coming for it. My rage was building up and I knew if it got to that point, I would probably put her in the hospital.”

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Issues Whitney and Sada have according to Whitney & Sada:

1. Sada’s “fiery” temper [she cray]

2. Strong personalities fighting for dominance [like lions]

3. Cloth & Justice, the couple’s clothing line. Whitney stays home all day running it. Whitney is a housewife.

4. Money—shockingly, Cloth & Justice has not yet reached the streets of Milan

5. Communication

6. Crunching numbers. Math. Math is hard.

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Fans of The Real L Word who are wondering about Whitney and Sara’s happily ever after can tune in to VH1′s Couples Therapy on Thursday, January 2 at 9 p.m. What murky depths are they processing in this newly released promotional still? Captions please? 
"I wanted to wait and possibly have more of an impact if it was shared on the show," Lauren said. "It was like a loyalty thing for me. I was going to make an announcement eventually but since the show’s not coming back I can just do it how I want to."
Lauren Russell opens up about her MS

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"I like to reminisce about grassy times when I first met you at Dinah Shore."

Lauren and Kiyomi = Layomi

Claire Mosley came out of her lavender boudoir to grace people with her presence at the Power Up Awards this week.

"I don’t even know what a motorboat is. Mine would be like a paddleboat or something."

BREAKING: Mikey still has the same haircut.

This just in: Lesbians hate honeymoons!

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