Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon and "Tammy" Cast Talk Lesbian Role Models in Film

We discuss “Thelma & Louise,” “Primary Colors” and how Sarandon likes it when we wear tool belts.

Susan Sarandon kisses Melissa McCarthy on "Mike & Molly"

White Man's D!#k with Susan Sarandon from Susan Sarandon

First, pick the size that’s appropriate for you: Small, medium or Republican.

Yep, she’s talking about a dildo. From today’s Feminist Friday.

I’m the only presenter to have actually slept with [her]. - Susan Sarandon on The Hunger co-star Catherine Deneuve

Morning Brew - Weds. April 4: Dani Shay on Season 2 of “The Glee Project,” Susan Sarandon remembers sleeping with Catherine Deneuve