Lez Chic: Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

March comes in like an asshole and goes out like an asshole, but at least we get the arrival of Spring, which means it’s time to exchange the woolens and winter gear for lighter fare.

Forget about fringe and straight up burn those ironic T-shirts (wearing a “Williamsburg is Over” T-shirt while walking around Williamsburg is just gauche, and infantile). Your Spring 2014 trends are all about seasonal, yet unexpected, color combinations and showing the right amount of skin in the right places. In a lot of ways, Tracy Reese’s Spring 2014 RTW Collection encapsulates your queer lady style ethics.

Lez break it down:

Create Barthesian intermittence with some strategic flashes of the skin.

If you’re feeling extra flirty and are dying to show off your abs (and/or feeling a bit like #JustBeingMiley), bare midriffs are now back in season:

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Lez Chic: The Creators of VEEA on androgynous fashion

One of my favorite labels is VEEA: Androgynous Fashion, established by sisters (like, literal, biological sisters), Vee and A., in 2012. The quality of fabric, as well as the meticulous tailoring and construction, distinguish VEEA as an impressive label on the rise. Vee and A., whose names combine to give the label its name, also espouse a very thoughtful set of ethics, articulated in seven chapters on their website, pertaining to style, garment design, and the ideation of designer as artist. 

“Style is the same as ethics,” A. Lee told me in a recent interview. Here is a continuation of our discussion, about VEEA, the aesthetic of androgyny as it has been adopted by the fashion industry, and 2014 style trends.

A Queer Ladies’ Guide to Wedding Attire

What’s a semi-androgynous, slightly neurotic girl to do? Make elaborate pro/con lists outlining all possible wedding outfit options- that’s what. (Side note: I scribbled “heteronormative” as a negative for wearing a suit, but my fiancée countered with “gender-conforming” under the dress column—so you know we’re meant to be.) Utilizing my extensive moderate limited knowledge of fashion and trends, I compiled my pro/con list findings to create the following wedding attire guide.

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The owners of Otherwild, Los Angeles’ rad store with queer-chick-made wares.
Kim Ann Foxman is on Complex Style’s list of 50 Most Stylish Women in New York Right Now. She’s also on my list of “Women that make me feel DTF.”
Back when she was just the woman that created the collar/tie accessory, we spoke with the star of Fashion Star, Kara Laricks. Check out our interview.

Cool girls have always borrowed from the boys. That rebellious spirit is celebrated in “Tomboy Style,” just out from Rizzoli and filled with raffish images of Françoise Hardy, Lou Doillon and others who, in their dress, don’t follow the rules. This spring, fashion inspired by men’s wear — dress shirts and shoes, suspenders, ties — is widely accessible, in part because it is more femme than usual. With softened colors and shapes, you can slip into your boyfriend jeans without looking like your boyfriend.

Yes, thanks, New York Times. I’m not trying to look like “my boyfriend.” My last boyfriend was wearing JNCOs and an ICP T-shirt. Sorry, I’ll stop bragging.

Jane Birkin.
"Time" magazine’s "100 Icons in Fashion" includes some who have influenced lesbian style

Channel Jodie’s ’70s look with beat-up old jeans, your favorite loafers, not a lick of makeup, and the messy hair left over from your own moppet days.

Secret Style Icon: Little Jodie Foster - Rookie Mag