15 New Photos from "L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin"

Images from the new Showtime documentary about lesbians living in the South.

Showtime to air "L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin" in August

Ilene Chaiken takes cameras down to the small town South.

I open myself up and live a really crazy life, as I’m sure most people do, and I really, really give a lot of my personal life and my family and my struggles to the show and I think that when you do that you open yourself up for judgment and you become a target. I didn’t get on the show so I could become a celesbian for the rest of my life and party with bottles. I came on it so I could open my life up to certain people I could connect with and share my story. It gets chopped up and we get attacked for it and that’s what I signed up for. The people that do get it is why it’s good.

Romi Klinger gives us the lowdown on her life changes for Season 3 of “The Real L Word”
"It’s an interesting thing. I think a lot of it is trust. It’s a different kind of situation for the two of us. We go on appearances together, we go on them alone and there’s a lot of trust involved in that. It’s been weird to see someone that will walk right up to her and ask her to go home with them and I’m just standing right there. Some people will say ‘You can have any woman in the world — why would you want to be with her?’ It’s just a lot of confidence in oneself to be in a situation like that. At the end of the day I know that we really want to be together and I just trust her."
Sara Bettencourt on Season 3 of “The Real L Word”

I definitely have a definitive look, let’s put it that way. I figure it’s like, some people definitely say things to me regarding [my having sex on camera], and I just have to laugh. I’m not in any way embarrassed or ashamed of it. It was what it was and I just try to have as much fun with it as possible.

Whitney Mixter on Sara, Romi and baring all for “The Real L Word” Season 3

I don’t really know what Kelsey’s point of fashion is here.

This season on The Real L Word, lesbians are salacious and sexy! 

When you see The Real L Word girls being interviewed on a red carpet.

The Real L Word's Season 3 promo. I hope Bikini Kill takes all the money they made from lending them “Rebel Girl” and records a new album. 

Whitney is wearing a dress. Pants vs. pumps no more.