It wasn’t that I didn’t like men, I just knew that I liked these women. I loved thinking about them and my teachers growing up in elementary school — I would be loving Miss Jones and Miss McCarthy. I just really had love for these women and I didn’t understand why. In kindergarten, (my classmate) Benjamin kissed me on the mouth and I remember thinking, “I don’t really like that.” [Laughs]

An interview with Julie Ann Bee of Sea of Bees

Orangefarben is so personal and yet so incredibly relateable, it’s almost as though she has seen all of us in our most painful moments of heartbreak and decided to write an album about it. In some ways, listening to this is like looking back at a yearbook comprised only of bad breakups. The second track, “Alien,” is a gorgeous and understated ode to waking up next to someone you fell in love with and realizing they aren’t that person anymore. Her cover of “Leaving (on a Jet Plane)” stays true to the original version while adding a whole new layer of emotion I hadn’t expected. - Mia Jones

New Music Tuesday: Sea of Bees, LP, Sarah Jaffe and more

Sea of Bees - “Broke”

What came up on Orangefarben was an emotional release for Bee following a period of profound change in her life. Not long after releasing her widely praised 2009 album Songs for the Ravens, the 25-year-old singer from Sacramento came out to her family and friends and began dating her first girlfriend. Though Bee calls it her “first true love,” the pressures of an exhaustive Sea of Bees tour and a load of personal baggage neither she nor her girlfriend could control ultimately ended the relationship.

First Listen: Sea Of Bees, ‘Orangefarben’