Morning Brew - Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry get married

Congratulations to Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry! The couple got married in California over the weekend and are on their honeymoon this week. I hope they went to Lanford, Illinois!

Plus an excerpt from Brittney Griner’s memoir and more.

Morning Brew - French actress Adele Haenel wins huge award and comes out

Good morning! I had a lovely weekend in Washington, D.C. at the LGBT Media Convening. So nice to meet those of you who came out to say hello and I also had the opportunity to go to Phase 1, one of the oldest lesbian bars in the country that is still standing. (Sad but true!)

Let’s get into some trouble now, starting with Miley Cyrus. This time she’s kissing another woman who identifies as something other than straight! Out rapper Brooke Candy was on the receiving end of Miley’s lips in an Instagram photo, because we all know it’s pics or it didn’t happen.

Last week in L.A. a launch party for Annie Leibovitz‘s new book with Vanity Fair and engaged couple Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert came out to celebrate.

Sara Gilbert and Gina Schock?!

"Obviously I’m Jo Polniaczek. I don’t care how many boyfriendsJo Polniaczek had. Jo Polniaczek might have been one of my boyfriends.”

“When I was growing up, there was nothing like this. There was no awareness.  People didn’t know it was okay, didn’t feel okay about themselves. Now I get tweets all the time about people saying ‘I feel okay being who I am. I told my parents I was gay and they gave me a hug’…It’s days like this and support like this…that make people feel okay being who they are.”

Sara Gilbert has spirit!

You teach your children about equality, and then you have to explain why you can’t get married.

It’s bullshit, isn’t it Sara Gilbert?

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry loving on each other at the GLAAD Awards in L.A.