Your Favorite TV Actress probably says a lot about who you are. Like you want a serious relationship and a baby, or you prefer to suck the life out of people with your kiss.
Santana is wearing some power pumps, OK!?

A lot of times Heather and I will be in a scene and we have free reign to kiss each other if we see fit but a lot of the times — especially since they are still in high school and my character was still dealing with this secret [her sexuality] that just got ou[t], we would tread lightly on when we would have PDA moments. A lot of times as actors it just doesn’t fit; you don’t just want to make out to make out.

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It’s no secret that Brittany and I are together.

Santana finally comes out in a deleted “Glee” scene

"The most sexually confident person on Glee.” Truth.

I also felt unsatisfied by where they left Santana, but they did better by her than Kurt in this episode (and infinitely better than they did by Brittany). We learned more about Santana and what she wants for her future, or at least, we saw her make some decisions about what she doesn’t want.

No, the problem here is not that we don’t know what decision she made about her next year’s plans or about Brittany, but that we weren’t given enough emotional context for her decision-making process. - Christie Keith

"Glee" Season Finale Recap: "Goodbye"
When Santana doesn’t get a graduation song.

Yes. I’m very supportive of my daughter. You always have to have a back story even if you have one line. So my back story with Santana’s mom was she didn’t get to go to college so she really wants Santana to do that. Up until now Santana has had a good relationship with her grandmother, but when she confronted her the response was very hard. She was probably the same way with Maribel. Santana’s dad they mentioned was a doctor, so I think she helped put him through school, but decided for motherhood. [She] loved to sing and was a singer and put her life on hold because she thought being a mom was very important so she wants Santana to make it through. She’s supportive of her daughter. She just wants her to be happy—bottom line. I know the feeling because my daughter is getting ready to do her last year of high school and she’s gonna do a summer program. It’s the first time we’re all going to be separated. I’m there! It was a very hard thing for me to imagine. 

Gloria Estefan on playing Santana’s mama!

When someone comments on an AE post saying Santana ain’t all that.
Gloria Estefan tweeted this picture of her and Brittana on the set of the Glee finale.