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Once upon a time (according to Mona), there were five girls, born into enviable talent, beauty, brains, and privilege. Their lives might have been quite boring, had it not been for the ambition of their Queen Bee, Alison DiLaurentis, to make things interesting, chiefly through the use of psychological warfare. This she waged by learning at least one life-breaking secret about each of her best friends, and the entire rest of the town of Rosewood, PA. So when she went missing one night in the middle of a party with her best friends, the number of people actually missing her was quite low. Without Alison to provide a constant level of fear/suspicion/shame to keep them together, the girls difted apart until, one year after her disappearance, Alison DiLaurentis turned up dead. Probably. There’s some debate on that point.

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Why people like Paige McCullers?


(this is based off my answer to a comment on AfterEllen’s Poll of Favorite Lesbian/Bi TV Character)

Why people like Paige McCullers?

Identification, I’d say. I believe that identification is the main factor that makes you like a character. It could be identification because you are similar to what the character is or because the character is what you wish you were.

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Paige, how are you feeling now that you’ve pulled ahead of Santana?

Gay Visibility and Pretty Little Liars or Why Paige McCullers is the Most Important Character on Television


Warning; This post is rambly

When I first started watching Pretty Little Liars just over a year ago, the idea that I would be writing an essay on the importance of Paige McCullers would never have crossed my mind and yet that is exactly what I’m doing.

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Minister tells us why she thinks Paige McCullers deserves the Visibility Award for Favorite Lesbian/Bi TV Character

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