Liz Brixius on her clean slate with NBC's "Bad Judge" and Kate Walsh

The out showrunner talks about leaving “Nurse Jackie” and why she loves her new comedy.

"Actually, it’s a porpoise and the blob is Australia. I spent my gap year in Byron Bay." Methinks O’Hara focused on the gap that year. Nevertheless, her LLBFF loves it. A lot. - The Linster

Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.04) - “Slow Growing Monsters”

A couple of lesbians showed up in the ER this week, bickering as only two women can. Even after an EKG indicates that one of them had a mild heart attack, they keep bickering. Or, as Jackie describes them: “lesbians on the rocks.”

Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.03) - “The Wall”

It’s so exciting! I’ve always loved [Melisssa’s] music and I always knew, “She needs to write for Broadway!” She has written such cool music for the original musical. It’s a little early to talk too much about it. I’m nervous to tell you more about it. She’s writing her story, and that is so fun. 

Nurse Jackie showrunner Linda Wallem talks about working with her girlfriend, Melissa Etheridge, on a new musical, as well as the return of the Showtime series this Sunday.
Linda Wallem weighs in on Jackie’s wake-up call, O’Hara’s baby and bickering lesbians on “Nurse Jackie”