Voting is now open in the Elite Eight of our March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament! 

If this is your path to redemption, Glee, you’re off to a good start. 

We sorted every (magical) lesbian/bi TV character in the history of the world into Hogwarts houses because we love you.

Now that’s an entrance.

With only four days left to vote for Best Comedy in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards, Modern Family and Parks and Recreation are only separated by a handful of votes. (Both are dominating Glee.) Are you voting for Claire Dunphy or Leslie Knope? (Or the new underdog Santana Lopez?) 

SnixxMas tells us this is why Santana Lopez deserves the Visibility Award for Favorite Lesbian/Bi Character. Fair enough! 
Your Favorite TV Actress probably says a lot about who you are. Like you want a serious relationship and a baby, or you prefer to suck the life out of people with your kiss.

The real debate of the day: Naya Rivera Vs. Taylor Swift Who Sings ‘Mine’ Better?

No contest.

Heather and Naya on set together is hopefully good news for future GLEE episodes.

A lot of times Heather and I will be in a scene and we have free reign to kiss each other if we see fit but a lot of the times — especially since they are still in high school and my character was still dealing with this secret [her sexuality] that just got ou[t], we would tread lightly on when we would have PDA moments. A lot of times as actors it just doesn’t fit; you don’t just want to make out to make out.

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