Last year we asked Lip Service’s Heather Peace what her list would be for AfterEllen’s Top 100. Polls open for 2012 on Monday!
If “Lip Service” were on Facebook (2.03) — Ghost Sleuthing

Nice girl. One of your lot?

Yes, Dad, she plays for my team.
If “Lip Service” were on Facebook (2.02) — Homo Heaven

Cat has got a bee in her bonnet about Frankie seeing Sadie, but Frankie says her heart doth only lie with her; she will wait for her and not get jiggy with any others.  - Sarah and Lee

You will not want to read this Lip Service recap if you are wary of any kind of huge, gigantic, maddening spoilers.
If “Lip Service” were on Facebook (2.1)

I never write sex scenes with the intention of shocking or creating a talking point. At the outset we decided we would show the sex rather than cutting away from it, because you learn a lot about who a character is through the way they have sex.  So yes, all the scenes you mentioned were never meant to be representations of tender love-making, they were meant to establish Frankie’s nihilistic frame of mind at that time.  The sex scenes in Lip Service come under so much more scrutiny than the countless sex scenes in straight shows. I think because there are so few attempts at authentically representing lesbian sex on screen, some of the lesbian audience want the scenes they do get to be a reflection of their own sex lives. We’re all so different, and have sex in countless different ways, so obviously that isn’t always going to happen. 

Exclusive: “Lip Service” creator Harriet Braun talks Series 2

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Heather Peace smiles and has an accent while introducing her new music video.

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for more episodes of Lip Service, but this Friday our patience will be rewarded when BBC3 finally launches the second series of the lezzy soap. There’s been a whole lot of Team Sam vs. Team Frankie chatter on Twitter and in our comments, so we thought we’d put the conundrum to the real test! Who would you shag, marry, or dump between Frankie Allan, Hot Cop DS Sam Murray, and Cat MacKenzie?

Shag, Marry, or Dump: The ladies of “Lip Service”

First time around, I looked at people at a pivotal age — late 20s or early 30s, trying to get what they want and avoiding making the same mistakes again. This time it’s about what happens when you get what you want and it isn’t quite what you expected — or you can’t have what you want. - Harriet Braun, creator of Lip Service

"Lip Service" sets a return date and teases us with a Season 2 trailer