Go Go Gala red carpet: Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem talk lesbian sex in "Game of Thrones"

Tonight’s headliner is Melissa Etheridge, the lesbianest of lesbian singers, who has lived out-and-proud since “out-and-proud” was a hip term to use. I also grabbed some insight about Hollywood and gays from insider Adam Shankman before falling medium in adoration with Melissa’s fiancee, Linda Wallem, a powerful producer who seemed genuinely thrilled to meet another member of the dyke coven out and about in Hollywood. After 15 or so events where I have to ask straight people about gay people in Hollywood, it’s enchanting to ask a gay woman about gay people in Hollywood. Finally, I meet 2 Broke Girls star Beth Behrs and learn the writers room is filled with lesbians because lesbians are funnier than everyone else, myself included.

It’s so exciting! I’ve always loved [Melisssa’s] music and I always knew, “She needs to write for Broadway!” She has written such cool music for the original musical. It’s a little early to talk too much about it. I’m nervous to tell you more about it. She’s writing her story, and that is so fun. 

Nurse Jackie showrunner Linda Wallem talks about working with her girlfriend, Melissa Etheridge, on a new musical, as well as the return of the Showtime series this Sunday.
Linda Wallem weighs in on Jackie’s wake-up call, O’Hara’s baby and bickering lesbians on “Nurse Jackie”