Jane Abbott Lighty, 77, and Pete-e Petersen, 85, were the first couple to get married in Seattle, Washington last night after the new same-sex marriage law passed.

Lesbians always arrive early.

I don’t know about that whole “everything looks/feels the same in the dark,” but if it’ll scare straight chicks into voting for equality…

Ship much?
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“Boo likes Charlie, Charlie likes Ginny, Melanie says Ginny can’t date Charlie because Boo liked him first. But Ginny thinks that since Boo likes Carl she relinquishes Charlie who should revert back to the open market and me, I wish we were all lesbians.”
-One of the many great lines from the finale of Bunheads. 
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The Glee Project finds lesbians in a hopeless place…


What happened last night on The Real L Word? 
Ever notice Anna Camp ends up on the gayest shows?
She talked to us all about that ‘coincidence’.