Naya Rivera fired from "Glee"?

Hold on to your hearts, Naya Rivera fans: Page Six and PopWrapped are reporting that Rivera has been fired from the show and will be written out of the Season 5 Glee Finale.

Possibly due to “friction” between Rivera and co-star Lea Michele.

Lea Michele would “100 percent” play a lesbian on “Looking”

Jonathan Groff, Glee alum and one of Lea’s besties, is hustling in his new gay centered HBO dramedy Looking. Will Lea be making an appearance, preferably either as a. one fag hag to rule them all or b. a lesbian looking for lurvee in the cloudy gay city?

“First of all, I went to San Francisco when they were filming the show and I ate dinner with all the guys and with Andrew (Haigh), their director, and before anything I said to them, ‘You guys, let’s get me on the show,’ and then I watched the entire series because Jonathan gave me all the episodes… Once I saw the entire series, I emailed Andrew Haigh and I was like, ‘Look, I loved it before, but I love it even more now. You gotta get me on the show. I’ll do anything. Anything you want me to play, even if I’m in the background, I’ll do it.’”

Does that include playing a raging lesbo? Maybe accessorized by combat Docs, a black beanie, and half-empty pack of American spirits? “One hundred percent,” Lea assures the salivating masses.

Continued on AfterEllen…

The first comment Lea has is to tell Dani how gorgeous she is and how she just wants to stare at her. Dani’s face contorts between “Uh, OK?” and “Do I cry?” It turns out to be a sort of back-handed compliment, though, since Lea goes on to say that she needs to take her beauty as a person and connect it to her confidence in performing.

"The Glee Project" Recap (2.01): "Individuality"

Amber Riley, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera do “How Will I Know?” from next Tuesday’s all-Whitney Houston episode of Glee.