In 2012, Zoie Palmer came in at #16 on our Hot 100 list, but the last year has been even better for her at AfterEllen. Lauren Lewis won our March Madness tournament and Doccubus shippers closed ranks hard when Tamsin came to town. Will Zoie rocket up even higher on the Hot 100 this year? You decide! 
Congratulations to Dr. “Hot Pants” Lauren Lewis for winning our AfterEllen March Madness Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament! 
AfterEllen March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever Tournament
Championship voting is NOW OPEN! 
Who are you voting for in the Final Four of AfterEllen March Madness? 
(Also, I just realized Emily Fields and Santana are totally eye-fucking in this photo.)
Voting is now open in the Elite Eight of our March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament! 

What match-up #10 looks like right now in our AfterEllen March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament.

[GIF credit: Lauren // Willow]

"Lost Girl" previews Linda Hamilton and Lauren’s big slap

We don’t know if we’re terrified or turned on. Both probably? 

We sorted every (magical) lesbian/bi TV character in the history of the world into Hogwarts houses because we love you.

Hey, Bo and Lauren, what makes you think Lost Girl deserves the Hottest Hookup trophy in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards


Oh my. 

Your favorite les/bi characters/couples respond to their current rankings in our AfterEllen Visibility Awards. Poor Santana has never lost a lesbian competition in her life. (Hash Tag: Bo Swag.) 

You can vote once per hour until Jan. 2nd.