Award-winning lesbian documentary "Forbidden Love" available for the first time in 20 years

Director Lynne Fernie tells us why the historic film has been unavailable until now.

An apology to femmes

From a bisexual. 

Anonymous asked: Can you recommend any style items for a tomboyish girl?


1. Skinny-straight cute jeans in a dark, subtle wash. FUCK BOOTCUT. Don’t even go near them. Light can look mall rat super easily so if you’re not sure, go dark. No patches, bedazzling, or excessive adornment on jeans. Too guido. 

2. Clean but very soft t shirts that are form fitting (not baggy) but not skin tight with a subtle-deep v-neck. Build up from white and black into sky blue, rust red, forest green, royal purple, dove grey, etc. 

3. A long, cool necklace/pendant: if in doubt go for a long, fine, delicate chain with a bullet on the end. Always a winner. 

4. Beanies: go for some classy beanies, which means dont just grab a pack of black ones. Think a little slouchy but NOT dangling. Neutral tones or tones similar to ones from t shirts in #2. 

5. Chuck Taylors/Vans that are slightly distinct but not too adorned. 

6. A leather jacket. This is an investment piece, but a classic black or brown leather bomber jacket is something to have. Save up and get one that actually fits you though- not too big. That’s a little childish. 

7. 1 or 2 silver rings of high quality that you can just keep on. 

8. A nice leather wallet- doesn’t have to be designer, just mature. 

9. Even if you’re a tomboy, you’d still probably look better with a little makeup. Some basics that will perk your face up without screaming MAKEUP: seperating mascana, tinted lip balm, concealer,semi-nude cream eyeshadow, and fine tipped eyeliner/eyebrow pencil. 

10. Cool studded earrings made out of a legit metal. 

I get this question once a week so here’s 10 tips for tomboyish girls. 

"Pride" tells an inspirational and true gay story you've never heard before

Faye Marsay tells us about playing a lesbian activist in the award-winning film.

AfterEllen tumblr hits 40k


Because I’m dope and do dope shit, we just hit 40k followers.

I curate the shit outta life and you have impeccable taste. 

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3 Days, 3 Girls, 1 City: An LA Lesbian Takes New York

After a lifetime in the deep South and three years immersed in sunny Los Angeles’s plastic—but usually quite pleasant—population, I decided to face my fears, With a little help from 2 of the hottest queer models: Cristi (aka thelunartype) and Ari Fitz ( itsarifitz ). 

Cristi, a rare model with no ego and lots of brains, gave me modeling pointers (which did not take), took me thrift shopping, and traded stories of the hot yet deeply irritating people we date.

Ari Fitz, the model/director/writer you probably recognize from last season of The Real World, annoyed me with her lack of punctuality and then promptly charmed my attitude away by laughing at herself and telling salacious stories.

Metro Station's "She Likes Girls" is about unrequited love for a lesbian

Miley Cyrus’s brother fronts a band whose new track is about dating a woman who is more interested in women:

I like you girl but you don’t seem excited

Since she walked in where has your mind been

talking to me but thinking about her

your secret is safe, I won’t say a word.

Let’s slow it down, I was moving too quick.

You don’t say you love me

You just bite your lip

I can read the signals from a mile away

I know she is on your mind and that’s OK

The queer history of Eleanor Roosevelt you won't see in the Ken Burns documentary

PBS’s “The Roosevelts” won’t talk about Eleanor’s close relationship with Lorena Hickok.

Watch Now! MSNBC goes into The Smithsonian's LGBT collection

Curator Katherine Ott gives a behind-the-scenes look at artifacts from America’s gay history.

Martine Rothblatt rocks the cover of “New York Magazine”
This week’s New York magazine’s cover story focuses on the extraordinary life of multimillionaire, Martine Rothblatt and her wife, Bina. Rothblatt, who is currently the CEO of United Therapeutics, and founder of Sirius Radio, transitioned from male to female back in the mid-1990s. According to Lisa Miller of New York Magazine:
Martine prefers not to limit herself to available words: She’s suggested using “Pn.,” for “person,” in place of “Mr.” and “Ms.,” and “spice” to mean husband or wife. But “trans” is a prefix she likes a lot, for it contains her self-image as an explorer who crosses barriers into strange new lands. (When she feels a connection to a new acquaintance, she says that she “transcends.”) And these days Martine sees herself less as transgender and more as what is known as transhumanist, a particular kind of futurist who believes that technology can liberate humans from the limits of their biology—including infertility, cancer, and disease, but also, incredibly, death.
Martine and her wife Bina have been together for over three decades, and Bina doesn’t seem preoccupied with labels herself.
“Bina Aspen, the woman who married Martine 33 years ago, when Martine was a man, and remains her devoted wife, calls herself not straight or gay but “Martine-sexual”—as in the only person she wants to have sex with is Martine.”