But Nicole has to decide whether to meet the bus when the troops come home. She’s never done it before, but DADT gave her good reason to stay away. Even though she fears that Charlie won’t like it, Nicole wants to be there to greet her wounded soldier along with the straight spouses. - The Linster

"Army Wives" lesbian recap: Homecoming

There’s nothing in your face about it. Army Wives is not getting up on a soap box,. Nicole’s situation is so common, and it’s actually something that people are talking about right now. I like the way [the show] deals with the storyline. The writers were really willing to make her an important character and explore. 

Morning Brew - Mon. April 23: Guinevere Turner on “Lesbian Cops,” Kellie Martin talks “Army Wives”

This week, however, Charlie became emotional during a youth support group session and told Roland that she’s in a relationship with a recently deployed soldier, Nicole.
…Interestingly, Nicole wants to keep her relationship with Charlie a secret, even though DADT is no longer in effect. This brings up an important issue that we don’t talk about much — that many LGBT soldiers still are not comfortable with being out. Nicole obviously is a highly valued and respected officer, yet she is unsure enough about the reaction of other officers that she stays in the closet. - The Linster

Hurricane brings lesbians to “Army Wives”