3 days till Dinah

In less than a week, Editor Trish and I will be hitting Dinah Shore aka lesbian spring breakkkk for AfteEllen. On the red carpet we’ll be interviewing Kate Moennig, Tegan & Sara, Eve, Leisha Haley, Iggy Azalea, and Mary Lambert among various other luminaries. Every day until Dinah I’ll ask you to suggest questions for different celebs and hopefully you’ll get to see me asking your question!

Today we’ll start with the obvious;

If you could ask Kate Moennig aka SHANE any question next weekend, what would it be?

Voting is now open in the Elite Eight of our March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament! 
Our March Madness match-up between Thirteen and Shane may be the closest competition we’ve ever had at AfterEllen. The lead has changed hands a dozen times already. 
Too bad it’s not an Ultimate Lesbian Slouch competition. They could share a gold medal in that one. 

"Clea’s like ‘my pizza pocket’s done.’"

Heartthrob outtakes

A glimpse of Kate Moennig at :50.

"You’re KateShane."

Kate Moennig tweeted this. LESBIAN DINNER PARTY.