"The Good Wife" recap (5.10): The Decision Tree

We’re ranking all current lesbian/bi TV characters from best to worst least best, and we need your help! Hop on over to AfterEllen and vote for your top 10 characters on currently active shows (even if they’re off-season, or on international TV, or Netflix!). We’ll reveal the results the first week of November.

The next contender for the Hottest Hookup in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards is Kalinda and Lana’s “goodbye garage door” romp on The Good Wife. Our minds are still reeling because this scene made it onto network TV. And by “minds” we mean “pants” and by “pants” we mean — oh, just watch it. 

Your favorite les/bi characters/couples respond to their current rankings in our AfterEllen Visibility Awards. Poor Santana has never lost a lesbian competition in her life. (Hash Tag: Bo Swag.) 

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