NBC Press Day: Wanda Sykes, Roseanne and Jill Flint

On Tuesday I attended NBC’s Summer Press Day, a day long panel extravaganza filled with actors you vaguely recognize from USA, E!, SyFy, Netflix, and of course NBC. Walking in to the press room with my iPad mini and seeing 50 laptop screens aglow felt a lot like Elle Woods walking in to that Harvard classroom with just a notebook. Happily, I quickly realized that reporters brought laptops to entertain themselves during panels they didn’t care about. My iPad mini more than rose the the occasion.

The first show of interest was Last Comic Standing, executive produced by Wanda Sykes. Also on the panel was Roseanne Barr (a judge) and out executive producer Page Hurwitz. One highlight was when a reporter brought up the “women aren’t funny” question.

NBC Summer Press Day

Today I went NBC Summer Press Day to chat with panels and interview my fav NBC starlets. I found out some amazing new lesbo news and celeb ‘AfterEllen Hot 100’ recs, but you’ll have to wait until I publish them with AfterEllen. I can give ya’ll one baby teaser: 

Jill Flint (The Good Wife, The Night Shift) is adorable and clever and shares my appreciation for statuesque brunettes like Liv Tyler. 


The next contender for the Hottest Hookup in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards is Kalinda and Lana’s “goodbye garage door” romp on The Good Wife. Our minds are still reeling because this scene made it onto network TV. And by “minds” we mean “pants” and by “pants” we mean — oh, just watch it. 

The women of The Good Wife fancy some fine women.

Shag: All three, please.
Shag, Marry or Dump: The women of “The Good Wife”

You know what’s funny? I don’t actually think about her being either gay or straight. She’s just a sexual being. That’s so funny, I don’t really think of her as different. This is who she is as a woman and this is what she does, what she likes, who she likes. I don’t think of her differently.

Jill Flint talks about last week’s hot scene on “The Good Wife” and why Kalinda and Lana are so attracted to each other

Kalana fans got their wish this week, as Lana Delaney (Jill Flint) strolled back into Kalinda’s life. Her wooing skills need some work, though. We learn that Lana is behind the IRS investigation of Kalinda. Why? As she tells Alicia, “Sometimes I just get an itch.” I bet you do, Lana. And we can see exactly where you want it scratched. - The Linster

Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.19) - Blue Ribbon Panel

Jill Flint is back as Lana Delaney on The Good Wife tonight. Kalinda looks concerned.